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I never know to say in these things. I guess that says something about me. I read a lot, write stories, and like books. I like a good debate. Nothing else is to say. :-)

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The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue
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Quick and Easy.

His Royal Secret - Lilah Pace

So the book ends in a cliff hanger, virtually insuring that I immediately buy the next book to find out the end of the story. The manipulation!


I bought it though....lol


This was a easy and enjoyable romance, and was a nice break from the dreary world.....and that's all I ask for with romance novels.....that and believable couples and good sex scenes. 


So putting it all together...I was very happy and this book is a success.





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His Royal Secret - Lilah Pace

Well...they did not waste time, getting to the point.... 



So far this romance has promise. But it does kinda feel like I'm reading fan fiction...not that's that's bad really...

Great world and Premise...

An Accident of Stars - Foz Meadows

But..overall the story line was weak.


There were too many questions left unanswered, and holes left to fill in the story.


The world created was vast and complex and filled with so much potential, that I was left disappointed that the characters and the story told did not live up to it. There were too many characters, with confusing names and relationships that were hard to keep track of, and all of it only served to make you feel a bit disconnected to it all. Also because I feel like the main character was not fully developed, and the readers connection to her...some of her actions seemed random and plot driven..and made no sense. 


Over all points for imagination, but everything else could do with some work.



Reading progress update: I've read 102 out of 389 pages.

An Accident of Stars - Foz Meadows


So far this is interesting, mainly due to the world building and premise


1. Portal fantasy. I love a good portal or time travel story.


2. Diverse characters of different racial makeups. Always good when the book isn't lily white. Though the main character is a blonde haired, white girl.


3. Diverse romantic relationships. This is a society where the main type of relationship/marriage is polyamorous. Where any combination of lame or female agree with enter a union. 


4. The society also tends towards be matriarchal.


All of these factors makes it an interesting world to set a story. As for the story...if is standard fare so far. I can't say I am overly invested as of yet. Not bad, but not great.

Wow....how quickly things change

A Court of Mist and Fury - Sarah J. Maas

This is one of the more "adult" YA books I have read in a while. I mean...some of the sex scenes in there were more graphic than some romance novels I read...and I loved every minute of it. It is nice to see a woman in a book, enjoy her sexuality without baggage and judgement. Healthy and good.


But this story is such a 180 from the first book. The heroes of the first books, are not, not the villains, but at least a bit grayer. The people you thought were villains, turn out to have more light than you thought, and the people you thought were strong...turns out are weak in the face of what they have to face. I loved that the fairy tale from the first book changed so much, and now turned everything on its head. And when you go back to book one...the signs were all there of this happening.


This is non spoiler as a review I can give. I enjoyed this more than the first book, and it will be amazing to see how Feyre survives in "enemy" territory.

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A Court of Mist and Fury - Sarah J. Maas

Finished part one of the book and ...wow...it s a good study in how love can change between two people...because of trauma, lack of communication, life changes...whatever...but the result is that, what the characters may have wanted in a relationship before, that made them love each other and the relationship satisfactory...changed. The two people are no longer in the same place and they drift apart. And in many cases...holding on to that past feeling brings harm. And both parities need to break away to be healthy again.


I like that the author is not afraid to break down  a romance that was built the entire first book...it's a risk. But based on the action of the first book and how broken the two characters are...it makes sense. I look forward to see if the relationship is built back up...or if our heroine fully moves on.


None spoiler musings.

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His Majesty's Dragon - Naomi Novik

I had this book for years on my Nook just taking up space, and finally in an effort to get out of a reading slump I started it...and haven't been able to put it down. I did not know what I expected, but it wasn't at all what I expected. I regret taking this long to get into it


I love the bond between the dragon and Laurence and how it is slowly being built. A lot of it came about because they both were new and found each other outside of the system already established, so things were able to develop naturally.  And we are introduced to this world with dragons and the politics of it through their eyes. Every new discovery we experience with them...makes it easier to relate and bond with them along side their bonding with each other.


So far it looks like we have reached a turning point where the other dragon riders are finally starting, if not to trust Laurence, to at least respect him and his abilities. He came into the life suddenly and lucked out with a rare dragon...that was bound to drive some people mad. But he is able to slowly prove his worth. 

Reading progress update: I've read 226 out of 432 pages.

The Viscount Needs a Wife: A New Regency Novel (Rogue Series) - Jo Beverley

What I like so far is that the characters don't have the usual cliche petty misunderstandings that go on for pages because none of them bother to open their mouths and talk about it....or think for that matter. That's always so frustrating.


Both characters are very logical. They communicate very clearly with the other about where they stand and clear up any confusion before it festers. They are a good team that respect each others feelings and thoughts....I enjoy their interactions.

Finally caught up with the Mistborn books

The Bands of Mourning (Mistborn) - Brandon Sanderson

The stakes keep getting higher each book, and more and more of the world and the Gods and other mystical forces is revealed.


There appears to be one more book left in Era Two of the Mistborn books, and it looks like it will get more into the history and religion of the world than the previous. Each book reveals more worldbuilding. I love that each Era follows the world created through generations. The first set, ancient times, this new set, the dawn of industrialization,and I am looking forward to the next Era. It's amazing that we can follow a world from beginning to end, and see how our heroes becomes legend and Gods..and how their legend changes through generations. I like stories that shoe Gods as people, who may know a bit more than others, but still doing their best, while making mistakes. 

Reading progress update: I've read 167 out of 448 pages.

The Bands of Mourning (Mistborn) - Brandon Sanderson

I am really enjoying the slow build of the relationship between Steris and Wax. I love a slow build. I appreciate a relationship more when I can witness how the relationship between the two characters grew, and understand why they become close. Steris at first introduction came across and clod and brittle....but as you get to know her character through Wax...you realize that that is just the surface. And that outer wall hides a whole wealth of surprises and awkwardness. The way this relationship is being build...the reader falls for Steris along with out hero...and that is what is going on here...even if Wax doesn't see it yet. 


Oh yeah...action! magic! Guns!..blah blah. 

Reading progress update: I've read 305 out of 354 pages.

Ink and Bone: The Great Library - Rachel Caine

Boy, the action sure did begin...and was nonstop… 

You really get a good idea of how dangerous the Library is to not only the general public, but those who work for it as well. This is a system that doesn't hesitate to maim and kill anyone that they view as a threat. And they/It uses anyone it wants without any regard for their lives….because they can. People, lives, and countries are all expendable...the only thing the people that run this system care about are the books, and the knowledge and power these books give them. Whole people dying of starvation…doesn’t register as something they should try and address.


The story raises an interesting question about neutrality. No one can really be neutral when it comes to war or injustice. Neutrality serves the status quo, and if the status quo harms.... then you have to take a side. You have to choose.


 The Library is "neutral" and places itself outside of the affairs of the world....so two countries murdering each other, committing genocide...oh well...that's their business. The Library and its people are just there to save the books. Your baby...well...sorry...they have to leave it here to die. In a case like this, neutrality supports evil.


 This book started slow...but I rather like it. It is not a breezy, easy read...but it is full of a lot of things that make you think.

Reading progress update: I've read 148 out of 354 pages.

Ink and Bone: The Great Library - Rachel Caine

This is such an interesting concept so far.


A dystopian world where all the books and knowledge in the world is controlled and anyone who even attempts to find another way to do things, that would jeopardize even a small section of the system that keeps books and knowledge in the hands of the few..is craved out and destroyed....no matter how innocent the person's motive. It is a good study in what happens in a world where censorship is the norm. 


It started off a bit slow, building up the world and putting all the players in the right places, but at this point everything and everyone is at the point where all the real action is kicking off and you can feel the danger building, and the REAL mystery and story taking flight. Slow...but I am still interested. Helps that like the characters...books are a treasure to me as well.


Very to the Point

Legend - Marie Lu

The only thoughts I had after reading this book was that this writer did not waste any words or time getting to the point of the story.


Sometimes you read a book and it is filled with pages on pages of meandering plot points and extra waste of time and words that don't add a thing to the story. Apparently the writer just wanted to talk.


This book is not like that. I finished it in one sitting because every scene and every action was relevant and got the point. Boom.Boom.Boom. It was all meat. That's good in that it made the story very easy to follow and understand, and some bad in that the development of the somewhat romantic relationship between the 2 main characters could have done with a bit more meandering to make their connection more believable. But overall it was a good mix. I also liked that despite plenty of reason to...my time was not wasted with useless misunderstandings just to make thing more tragic.  I liked that characters used their brains and logical skills to not make dumb mistakes. The characters already live in a dystopian world...they don't need to be unnecessarily stupid on top of that.


Bottom line, it was a good read. Common YA, end –of- the- world- teens -fighting –the- man theme, but if that is your thing, you will enjoy this book. And the write doesn't waste your time with nonsense. 

I took a long time getting around to this book. Why did it take so long?

Steelheart - Brandon Sanderson
"There are things greater than the Epics, I thought. There is life and love, and nature herself.
Steelheart strode toward me.
Where there are villains, there will be heroes. My father’s voice. Just wait. They will come.
Steelheart raised a glowing hand.
Sometimes, son, you have to help the heroes along… .
And suddenly, I knew.
An awareness opened my mind, like the burning radiance of the sun itself. I knew. I understood.
—  SteelheartBrandon Sanderson
This is my review. LOL
I can say this...Brandon Sanderson has yet to disappoint me. Even if I think I may not like it...I end up liking it.

Thanksgiving Reading Spree!

Hunter - Mercedes Lackey Shadows of Self: A Mistborn Novel - Brandon Sanderson Devil in Winter - Lisa Kleypas
I do not really have the time to write an individual review for all of these books, but I can say that the last week has been some pretty solid reading. I had plenty of down time, what with two 5 hour plane rides and a couple days of eating turkey, stuffing and hours of idleness…and finished 3 books. And 3 vastly different books as well all very good books with their own charm. Hunter has a very interesting world and setup. Another end of the world due to human stupidity book, where people develop powers. But in this case the powers help them survive as the disaster that struck earth seemed to have opened a world of mystical, scary creatures hell bent on destroying man. The people with power, Hunters, are task with protecting people from them. This was such a different book that I expected since I have read books by Mercedes Lackey before...and actually...the Herald Mage series is the first fantasy book I EVER read. So it was like my gateway drug. Lol. But this was a change, but an enjoyable one. A solid YA fantasy. Shadow of Self, book 2 of the second Mistborn series also did not disappoint. It went more in the history, mythology and religion of the world, and answered a lot of questions I had from the previous book (also created a few more questions). I loved the development of the characters, you can see that everything they go through they change and grow from, and sometimes are broken by it. They are not perfect, and I like that. I liked the questions it asks about religion and Gods. Is it better to have a God who is never involved in the daily lives of the people or shows any care, or one that was too involved and cares too much? And if we get angry at our God for allowing bad things to happen, is he/she also owed praise for the good things? I also enjoyed that there is a bit of romance, VERY slow burn, but I am enjoying watching two people brought together by convenience, slowly learning to lean on each other. Looking forward to the next book. Devil in Winter was the final book. A nice sweet read to cleanse my palate. I do love the old cliché, bad boy meets sweet but stubborn woman who changes him into a better man. And my other favorite, marriage of convenience turn into undying love and devotion. And final, good-hearted woman becomes desperate and hatches a crazy scheme involving infamous rogue, and it turns out to be a life saver for both. This book had all of that...plus some pretty hot sex scenes...so what's not to love? All in all...a successful Thanksgiving.

Reading progress update: I've read 236 out of 236 pages.

The Emperor's Arrow - Lauren D.M. Smith

This book was a nice break i needed after this terrible week. It had some pretty decent worldbuilding, based on Greek/Roman history. The main heroine was fun, the fish out of water/culture clash elements of her point of view made for some good conflicts and laughs. The romance aspect had good buildup and progression and the love scenes were good, which is always a plus. And the secondary political plot and mystery was ended satisfactorily if not a bit too neatly, but over all it worked. So I would recommend.