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Very to the Point

Legend - Marie Lu

The only thoughts I had after reading this book was that this writer did not waste any words or time getting to the point of the story.


Sometimes you read a book and it is filled with pages on pages of meandering plot points and extra waste of time and words that don't add a thing to the story. Apparently the writer just wanted to talk.


This book is not like that. I finished it in one sitting because every scene and every action was relevant and got the point. Boom.Boom.Boom. It was all meat. That's good in that it made the story very easy to follow and understand, and some bad in that the development of the somewhat romantic relationship between the 2 main characters could have done with a bit more meandering to make their connection more believable. But overall it was a good mix. I also liked that despite plenty of reason to...my time was not wasted with useless misunderstandings just to make thing more tragic.  I liked that characters used their brains and logical skills to not make dumb mistakes. The characters already live in a dystopian world...they don't need to be unnecessarily stupid on top of that.


Bottom line, it was a good read. Common YA, end –of- the- world- teens -fighting –the- man theme, but if that is your thing, you will enjoy this book. And the write doesn't waste your time with nonsense.