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Heir of Fire - Sarah J. Maas

I was about 75% through this when I realized that all of the questions and drama would not be solved in this one book...and was very distraught. Another book to wait for..can't we write some more stand alone books people?!!! But what a book it will be based on this one. I really enjoyed it. What I liked most about this book is that...yes, it is basically a bridge...to build up the tension and conflict for the next book...but the pages are not wasted. Every character experiences some kind of growth and movement in their development. You can see them slowly building up to what they could be, and during that journey...we still have a lot of action to keep us reading and the story moving.


I also enjoyed the different explorations of love and friendship that was shown. Rowan and Aelin's relationship was a joy to read, and it was refreshing to see a relationship in the book that is not based on romantic love or attraction, but real kingship and friendship. As is also shown between Chaol and Dorian. Their relationship is not built around Aelin or any other plot device, it is their own and something they obviously both cherish and value enough to sacrifice for each other. Even Between Manon and her beast is about friendship and companionship...and how it can change you, mold you into someone who never realized you were ...and even heal you.


I think that was the theme of this book. To reach out and take that chance to connect....it could lead to your healing and ultimately be your saving grace. A great addition to the series, and I look forward to the next. Everyone was left in the bit of danger at the end there....and it made me want to scream since it will be a while before I get to know their fate. Making me scream, yell, cry of fling things in anger is a sure sign that you have got me.