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I needed a palette cleanser before I went into my next book and thought something light and fun would be in order, so I picked this series. I saw a review of it on this website and in interested me enough to look it up...and it was cheap! My decision was made. lol


But this was a light and fun reading. I liked all the little details in the book that showed the author knew about the culture and regular speech/habits of the people she was writing about. The slang and even the rants given were very authentic sounding. So...because I am also and African American females...raised in NYC...I totally related to Chloe and her family. I understood her fears and why she reacted the way she did to certain situations. An interracial relationship comes with all kinds of issues, mainly from the outside (strangers looking, judging, family disapproval, but as a black females, there is also a lot of baggage that comes with dating outside of your race....especially with white males. One issue would be fetishization. I would assume this is the same of other WOC as well...that they treat you like you are some exotic adventure, or just a bit of fun before they get "serious" and settle down with someone " family appropriate." So WOC have to be really careful going into a relationship like this, you kind of gauge if the other party is in it for the right reasons. That he she is being REAL. There is a lot of faith and trust you have to put into something like that. Myra's situation is all too real of an experience for many as to the pitfalls of interracial dating, but so is Chloe's...once you find that right person. But you always fight that doubt: "are they ashamed of me" "are they brave enough not to care about the looks" "if their family disapprove will I be dropped?"  All these bits of luggage comes along for the ride. So I thought the book showed the two sides pretty well.


And of course this is a romance, so there was a happy ending. And it was not all serious. There were laughs and joys just enough to temper some of the sad bits. It was good reading if you just want something light and fun and not to stressful. Romance, laughs, and a bit of sexy times. So my expectations were met.


Complaint: I would say Patrick. I  was obviously getting into this head and world was a bit harder for the author, so I felt it was a bit flat and I did not “feel” him as much as Chloe. But not enough to throw me off completely.


Good experience overall.