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A mini review short and sweet.


I appreciated the fact that all of Lyons issues were not just magically healed with the love of a good man or some fool thing like that. Yes, I read my share of sappy romance, but I do like some reality in my romance, and someone as scarred and broken as Lyon would never be 100% good. So I liked that his issues were not easily forgotten and linger...even after he finds some semblance of happiness with Tobin. So overall I was well satisfied with the romance. But, I would say the romance was not really the main focus...it was all about Lyon and him finding the bravery to try and live again. It is his story of healing first and always. Tobin is just the icing on the cake.


And of course I enjoyed the word building. The overall story line was solid (usual hero quest) though a bit thin and dragged just a bit.... but we get a good glimpse of the world these two men live in and a nice slice of his history and politics. The magic was interesting, but a bit confusing at time. I would have like a bit more explanation of it all. But I am one of those readers that like to know the inner workings of everything. So more is always more for me. I would like to know more of why magic is slowly disappearing. Why? Will it come back? Perhaps another book?


So all in all it was an enjoyable afternoon read, and I loved the ending. Very cute and made me smile. That's what counts in the end.