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"I love you," he whispered. "I hope you don't mind."

Sabriel  - Garth Nix



I think that was my favorite quote in the book. Strangely touching.


First this took me a while to finish because my sinus and headaches plagued me for 2 week, so this was read in fits and stops and I was not able to get in the flow as much as other books.




I enjoyed this book a lot. The story telling was great. There was nonstop action from the start all the way to the end, so scene was wasted. Right away I was able to relate to Sabriel, she was so in over her head. But she did things because there was no other choice....and yeah she may want to curl up on the floor and hide/cry....but she had to go on and go on she would. That is what bravery is...not really the big flashy moments of heroics, which this book had plenty, but in just the decision by someone to keep going because they had too, because there is always a choice. It is easy to give up and sit and say something is too hard, but doing something, that is brave. And she messed up and her plans failed sometimes, but she did something. We all have a choice and she choose to be a hero.


The magic. Oh my...so different. So unique. When you read as much fantasy as I have over the years, the magic systems become kind of boring and predictable. But this magic system was definitely unique. I admit I still have not fully grasped how it all works, even after reading the whole book! How is free magic different from Charter magic, what is the slit? Why is free magic so feared? But it was all so alien, that it fascinated me and made me want to learn more. I am sure many of these questions will be answered in other books, but the only other book that the magic system was so interesting that I have read was the Mistborn Trilogy. I like that I can still find surprises.


And finally I loved the slow reveal of the plot and the many mysteries around certain characters, and the various motivations and secrets of the characters. Mogget...is still a mystery. Where did he come from? Why was he trapped in that manner? And Touchtone....there is obviously more there with him...but first...what is his actual name. I like that they still left some mystery for us. Not everything is answered and tied in a nice bow.


I would say my only complaint is the romance aspect. I think it was a bit rushed. Frankly I always feel put off when people are declaring their undying love after a few weeks. I would have liked a bit more buildup for that. So I did not really buy it/feel it…..yet anyway.


But all in all... great read.