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I never know to say in these things. I guess that says something about me. I read a lot, write stories, and like books. I like a good debate. Nothing else is to say. :-)

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Seraphina - Rachel Hartman

I read a lot of fantasy, so it is always good to me, when a book comes along that is not typical; one that has a new twist on things and new ways/points of view to an old story. This was one of those books where I really don't know what to say at the end of it. It was very poetically written for one. Very lyrical, which fit the personality of the main character and set the mood of the story so well. I enjoyed it, but there were so many reasons for the enjoyment and so many ways to express it that I am blank. It helps to list them.


1. The world building is great. As well as the magic and how it was explained and incorporated into the world so it made sense. Two lands...one human and one dragon, and how those two land coexist. It only makes sense that it a dragon could take human form....that at some point one would be curious enough, or the mixing of the two cultures would produce a situation where there is interbreeding. Anything is possible after that as far as what these dragon/humans could and would be capable of. I enjoyed the twist on the mental capabilities of the dragons. Instead of being monsters driven by emotions and instinct...instead they were logical creatures...who looked at humans and their emotionality was something of a weakness. That creates an interesting dynamic when these logical and emotionless dragon take human form. That is ripe for conflict. All of these leaves plenty of content for the writer to explore further, and by the end of the book it looks like there will be more to the story I look forward to it.


2. I also liked the characters. Seraphina like her biology is such a good mixture of the two species. Emotional and irrational and everything humans are, but due to the life of lies she had to lead...she is also very logical and precise. She is an excellent bridge. And Kriggs and the Princess...were so not typical royal characters. I liked them both. Kriggs especially was very interesting in his own right. Despite the signs I see of a triangle coming...I do not foresee it annoying me. Since all the characters are likeable and mature and seem to respect each other.


3. I liked the mystery and intrigue that slowly built throughout the tale as we tried to figure out what exactly the plot was and who was involved. Up until the big reveal...I did not suspect who the traitor eventually turned out to be, but in hindsight, I can now spot the clues. I would call that a success, because I always figure it out. This means that the plot was not too predictable. It kept me thinking and guessing until the end. 


But all in all I liked this because it was a story about self-acceptance. Learning to love who you are and value yourself despite what society or others may think of your value. What matters and what counts is what you think. Others follow your lead. That is a good message in the end. Of course the best compliment I can give this book is that I am now looking forward to learning more: about the history of the world. About the half-breeds and what they are capable of...and about Seraphina's love and what becomes of it. A very good story.