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Robin hood...old story with a new a twist.

Scarlet - A.C. Gaughen





This about sums it up.


A retelling of the story of Robin hood...but told from an unexpected point of view. I don't want to say too much because...well spoilers...but it is very pleasant surprise. I love stories with good and strong female characters, and strong female doesn't mean they have to be perfect and invincible and know which ways ups all the time...that is rather boring. I want them imperfect, and make bad decisions, and be wishy washy, just like male character sometimes are. I want them to be fully functional people. Too many times...women are cookie cutter. The virgin or the whore, or the harridan no in-between. Do depth. So it is nice to have a female character and doesn't fall into a nice trope. 


Scarlet is such a character. She is imperfect. She makes bad decisions. She sometimes is indecisive and causes herself more problems. When we meet her she is on the run from not only the bad guys, but herself and her own decisions in life. She is not someone who is fearless, but she uses that fear to motivate her to do something about their things she sees in the world she thinks are wrong. And she is a character that is very sure of herself and her capabilities, and has no problem letting people know. She does not dim herself to make others shine. She is good at what she does and she knows it and won't let anyone devalue her. And she is a very complicated character, with complicated motivations and I liked it.


Yes, the book had lots of action, and blood, and danger, and suspense...and yes...some good romance. Though...most of the time I wanted to smack the characters. Not every book needs a triangle that gets tiring. But the two men were interesting in their own right, and by the end I was interested in how it would all turn out because John, ah, I worry about John and where he will go from his actions as the end. One of Scarlet's faults is not taking him very seriously, when she should. She is blind to him. I do like Robin, though he needs to get down off the cross... But, besides all that, I think the best draw to this is the main character. This is how I like to see female character written. 


In short: I look forward to the sequel.