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Afterimage (In the Company of Shadows, #2)Afterimage by Santino Hassell
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Lord Jesus, these two are a damn mess. I like the fact that this addition of the series focused on the building of their relationship...because it is not realistic to think that someone as messed up as Sin and as low in self-esteem or needy as Boyd would not have a hell of a lot of issue. And boy do they have a long road ahead of them. One thinks everyone is the enemy and he can't show any weakness to anyone, so he does not open up...and the other is constantly trying to be perfect to prove himself. It's a mess of miscommunication and unnecessary drama. They do need a beak from each other and to form relationships with others because they were definitely codependent in the worst way. I also liked that the threads from the previous book were carried over...and the big revelation at the end....I kind of saw hints of in book one so I was pleased that my guesses were correct. I hope that the arrival of this person leads to some good...and some sense being knocked into Boyd and Sin. Someone needs to slap them...and since I can't do it...another character is fine as proxy.

My only complaint was like with the previous...it could definitely use some cutting of scene ...and all of them were necessary or needed. This one had a bit more of that than the previous book and not as tightly written...so I gave it 3 stars in stead of the 4. But overall....I am still very interested in how this ends. I am seeing hints of what to come with the Agency and I am pleased with it...something has to give and despite issues...I am fully invested in the outcome.