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I never know to say in these things. I guess that says something about me. I read a lot, write stories, and like books. I like a good debate. Nothing else is to say. :-)

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First let me just say how much I love the covers of these books. A good cover can be enough to get someone to pick up a book, and these did their job. I saw these book in my local bookstore and it looked so interesting that I had pick it up. What I found was a very interesting book...for a teen read. It reads like an Edith Wharton book: a book about high society New Yorkers living in the Washington Square, Gramercy Park area and the lives they lives under the strict social codes of the time. But to give a more current description..it is like Gossip Girl...but set at the turn of the 20th century.

This book is not great literature or has any big message or theme, but it is a easy, fun read full of teenage angst and drama. Some of the characters, to me, were lacking a bit. I like book that give us a bit more insight into the characters, and in the second book...certain parts I found dragged a bit , but overall it was enjoyable.

The first books ends pretty satisfactory, but the second book had a slow build up that ends in a cliff hanger that made me want to go out and get the recently released third book just to see what was going to happen. The second book was good in building up the the climax and cliff hanger and it surprised me when it came to the fate of one of the characters. So it had good drama and some surprises. All in all..it did it's job: to entertain me.

It is not perfect by any means, nor do the situations get very adult, but it is fun and pretty excellent for the age range it is written for, and even some of us that are young at heart and love a good drama.