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Fire Study - Maria V. Snyder

This is the tired series of covers for this series. I must say I liked all of the covers, they were eye catching, but I preferred the first set...it just grabbed the eye more.

As for this book itself, I will say I enjoyed it, but not as much as the second book. I think the second book in the series held me onto the series more than anything. Each book had a different feel: the first was a coming of age; the second is Yelena kind if finding herself and her power and set up the rest of the next book, and the last book was Yelena dealing with her power and all the fear and uncertainty that goes with being so powerful. It is a constant struggle to not just take what she wants and abuse her power as many magicians have done before here....so her fear of becoming "bad" keeps her from fully owning her power.

Any complaints I had are also about her power. One thing I hate is when I feel the character has become too powerful...that you just can't relate to them anymore. Part of the appeal of the first book, and many books, is the story of an ordinary person coming into greatness. A person who is not so powerful still coming out on top against the powerful. If you give your character too much power..sometimes it is hard to click with them. The third book almost got to that point with Yelena finding new powers and abilities every 2 minutes. But some of it was curbed by her uncertainty and fear.

Overall...enjoyable and satisfying end to a action-packed, magical series.