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I never know to say in these things. I guess that says something about me. I read a lot, write stories, and like books. I like a good debate. Nothing else is to say. :-)

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One thing I noticed working in a book store is that teens and children have a lot more choices and awesome books than I had growing up. After Judy Blume and Sweet Valley High...there was not much to choose from. The only option then was to go to adult book. But these days, the choices are limitless. I just finished another Young Adult book and I must say...I wish I was a teenager again...just so I would have read all these awesome books while I was still coming into my love of reading.


On to the book:


This book was another one that was a bit different than I expected. When you pick up a book about fairies in the teen section you expect a certain type of thing: beautiful fey, who are irresistible to the heroine, romance and sentiment and all that, but you did not get this in this book. From the start this book had very dark undertones and it was in many ways so menacing.

Aislinn can see the fey, and they terrify her. Some are beautiful, but most are ugly and cruel and they cause mischief and chaos wherever they go. They are invisible to almost everyone, and growing up her grandmother told her that she must pretend they were invisible to her. No matter what they did, who they tormented, what they did with her...she must never flinch or hint that she could see them, because it would bring all their power down upon her. So her whole life Aislinn lives in fear of being discovered. But the fey are everywhere and increasing in number...and it is becoming harder for her to not expose herself. When she realizes that two of the Fey are following her, she starts to panic, and she also starts to realize that the rules she always followed may not work in this new situation. And she breaks them.


Aislinn, because of her Sight...is terrified of Keenan and does not trust him. This throws him and he does not know how to deal with her. He knows that he needs to find his Queen to free him from his prison and free his Summer fey. He knows he needs her or the world itself is in trouble, so he is desperate. But it is obvious he has as little choice and Aislinn, and that he loves another. But he has searched for decades and gone through many girls..and is convinced Aislinn is the one...so he must pursue her. He is beautiful and scary and not perfect...just like all the other characters. The book does not hold back on the darkness and danger, which i liked. It was a refreshing change. This book overall was very exciting and mysterious and kept you reading. I also, at the end was looking forward to reading more of the series and exploring this world.