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I never know to say in these things. I guess that says something about me. I read a lot, write stories, and like books. I like a good debate. Nothing else is to say. :-)

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Living With Ghosts - Kari Sperring

This book was very interesting. In this world the people no longer believe in magic and other superstitions, as they live in a land where they were protected by such things by an ancient ritual that kept these forces out. But a plot from a young Prince determined to no longer serve other and an ambitious young priestess from a foreign land that has long coveted their neighbor's resources hatch a plot to bring down the city and it's inhabitants...and share the spoils between them. The book opens right in the middle of the drama and never lets up.

The two main characters Gracielis and Thiercelin are lovely. Gracielis is a whore, basically, but also sell information on the side for anyone who is willing to pay. His profession leads to his gaining lots of information. And he is also a spy for his old land which cast him out. He is beautifully flawed: all at once brave, strong, cowardly and needy. He meets Thiercelin during one of the most traumatic experience in his life, which binds them to each other and leads to them seeking each other out years later, and it is plain that their fates are linked. Thiercelin searches him out because he needs his help in getting rid of a ghost, but find himself attracted to Gracielis against all good sense....and his love and need for his wife. His main goal in his life to to have his wife, who is advisor to the Queen, accept him and love him...and find him worthy. His dealings with Gracielis leaves him conflicted and full of guilt.

But it is their relationship, which is tender and intense and sad, that leads to the uncovering of the main plot and the subsequent saving of the land and people. The ending between the two left a bittersweet taste in my mouth. They both lose and sacrifice a lot in the end, and gain a lot as well...but neither gets what the other wants in the end. When I finished the book....my only thought was: it is over? I want more of these two. I hope the writer hears me and continues their tale.