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Conclusion of the Inda Series

Treason's Shore - Sherwood Smith

When you put in an investment in a series, where each book is a tome that could kill someone if throw at their head, what you dread the most is that when you reach the end you will not be satisfied..or worse...you would want to throw the book out of a window. This series....gladly...did not have either affect on me. In fact, when it ended I felt like I just had a nice satisfying piece of chocolate.

We start where King's Shield leaves off. Inda and crew have driven of the Venn, more like they drove themselves off, and now returned home to rebuild the country and prepare for them to come back, because everyone knows peace won't last. All of the relationships and characters that were introduced in the previous books are further explored and fleshed out. This is one thing I have no complaints about with this writer, she really lets you get to know the characters, and no character is too small to get a back story.

Though Inda is the hero in this tale, and he is great, so without ambition, introspective and never lets go of his ideals...I found myself in all the books drawn more to Evred. He to me was such an interesting character. So serious and sober, and duty bound, everyone views him as a walking icicle. But he is the most passionate character in these books I found, and under the most pressure. His devotion to Inda never get real closure, but is is kind of true to life. His feelings about Inda, the reader never gets a good idea of it it is real or just something he clings to as an ideal. And his interactions with one of my other favorite Tau..oh..man did the last couple paragraphs make me happy. Those two fools were blinder than bats when it came to the other.

All in all I loved this series. It had lots of action: war, battle, pirates, romance, death, and an epic scale. What's not to like. The only complaint I have with it was goes back to what I liked about it as well. Every character got some time to be fleshed out, but I found that in the end..some characters that we spent so much time on in the books...we never got to know what happened to them. It is like they were dropped. So perhaps...some more editing would have been beneficial. The final book was bigger than the first three...it was like carrying around a hardcover dictionary.