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The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie -  Jennifer Ashley

I read another romance recommended to me by the same source as before...I am really going to stick to them as my romance source from now on. After years of not reading romance...I'm right back into this. 

Once again, this romance has everything that I like in romance reading: unique characters and stories.

Lord Ian is a fascinating character. He spent part of his life in an asylum, put there by his father. After some time his brothers were able to remove him from there, but he does not function normally in society, and everyone is convinced he is quite mad. For one thing..he can't seem to lie and blurts out his truth at every moment....when he decides to talk anyway. This of course leads to hilarity in many scenes. He is very blunt in almost every situation....including the err..more heated situations...which just leads to further greatness and hilarity. So he is living his sheltered life protected by his equally madish brothers...when he crosses paths with Beth...a wealthy widow.

Beth was left a huge fortune by a nice old lady she took care off...so she is rolling it in and fighting off suitors. She agrees to marry finally, but she is shocked when Lord Ian...the mad Lord himself pulls her aside and warns her away from her new fiancee...and he even goes as far as to offer to marry her to save her from the scoundrel! But he is not all selfless..he also tells her that he wants to bed her and she seems a respectable type lady so he figured he would need to marry her to get that wish. Like I said...he is blunt. Beth is shocked and fascinated..and a bit hot and bothered by his plain speak. And their story begins from there. And what a story it is.

This book was truly enjoy able. It is full of drama, suspense, mystery, love, and well...hot sex scenes. Ian is a sucker for details 9 this seems to be a part of his "madness"..that today I think we would just call OCD)..and it serves him well in that department apparently. LOL. It was great reading. It must be..I read it in a day.