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Then Comes Seduction (Huxtable Series)

Then Comes Seduction - Mary Balogh

I finished the next two of the books of the Huxtable series and I must say that each one got better as you read one.

The second book in the series was Then Comes Seduction, which tells the story of Katherine the youngest sister.



I loved, loved loved Jasper even though when he was introduced he was being a bastard. But he takes the bet and almost wins it when it is foiled. The two part ways hoping to never see each other again, but 3 years later they meet again when her brother Stephen brings him home after a night out and they find they can't resist each other company. But Jasper has enemies and they use Katherine to try and ruin him..leading them have to marry to save her reputation. By the time this happens you are halfway through the book, so they spend the remainder of the time trying to deny and discovering their true feelings for each other.