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Passage (Sharing Knife Series #3)

Passage - Lois McMaster Bujold

In this installment of the series Fawn and Dag, after Dag resigns his post due to his family's rejection of his marriage, travel south to Graymouth. Dag plans to try and educate the Farmers more on Lakewalker customs and bridge the culture gap between the two people in order to decreasing the losses both groups face when a malice surfaces. He feels that if the groups talk to each other and share there would be less misunderstanding and suspicion. He also plans to become a medicine maker for the Farmer population as a way to explore his increasing and new found powers.

On their travels they pick up their own makeshift family. First Whit Fawns adventure seeking brother tag along and keeps saying he is going back, but never does. They take passage on a flatboat down the river with the owner Berry, her bother and Uncle who are looking for their missing family that disappeared on the river...the books main mystery. Along the way they acquire 2 young Lakewalkers running away from the disapproval of their families, and a young boy Hod healed by Dag and now attached to his side like glue. This group travels down the river and bonds through hard times and trauma as they mystery of the book is solved. On the way Dag sees that his quest for integration of the two cultures is possible if only by the example of his little travel band.

I enjoyed this installment just as much as the second. The world created here is very dense and full of history. One of the main enjoyments I found is the mystery of the world and finding out more and more in each book...as Dag finds out more. And I also love the characters. This installment had good character development, mystery and action.