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I never know to say in these things. I guess that says something about me. I read a lot, write stories, and like books. I like a good debate. Nothing else is to say. :-)

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Mini-Review :


I think lately dystopian novels about tyrannical and crazy governments targeting a group of its citizens for being different and a "threat"....is just a bit too real for me. I finished this book and I was depressed....impressed with the story and the characters and how it all came together, but still depressed by the realness. When faced with tragedy and fear...many people don't live up to their better natures. When we need them to the most. And that ends up being a disaster for everyone.


The basic story of this book: a mysterious disease hits the world and targets only children under 18. Most die, but the ones that survive obtain abilities. Some which are VERY scary. So of course in order to "protect" and public and "find a cure" for this affliction the US government, led by a questionable President, decides to remove these children from their homes and put them in "facilities" that will protect the public from them and of course...protect them as well. Cause they care for these poor children and are trying to "fix them" Huh huh. Needless to say...putting young kids, in basically concentration camps surrounded by guards who fear them, goes about as well as one would expect. Our heroine is one of these kids locked away...who has been hiding her real ability for years, because it is the most dangerous one of all, and she knows she would be "disappeared" if anyone found out. When we meet her, she is about to be found out....


Despite being depressed at the end...I did enjoy the book a lot. The characters and relationships were believable, and you rooted for them from start to finish. You feel their disappear and hopelessness and you hope they can dig out some happiness in the hellscape that is their reality. I look forward to reading more...but maybe when I’m in a better mood. I'll give it 4 years. lol