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I would have to say...for a book about a galactic dictator trying to murder you and your friends, while putting the whole universe in danger....this installment of this series was very light-hearted. 


Like, I found myself laughing out loud many times. The characters were all very alive and real. Even the computers were funny. While the first book set everything up and was filled with drama and action, and the second was more political scheming and the day to day running of a space station;the story of these set of people , being thrown together by circumstance and having to learn to live with each other.This third book...was when it all fell into place. The team had a feel of a family...with all the drama and mess that comes with it. None of the characters are perfect, I mean they are all damaged and broken, literally and figuratively...but they take care of each other and understand each other...so it works...and the fact that they clicked so well together helped Berq feel what she has lost when her ship was destroyed...a lot less. That connection to everything and everyone on the ship. Feeling like she is needed and useful. She is no longer about revenge and anger and wailing about what she lost, she was now looking forward and trying to build something for citizen. I say she...but in that world everyone is referred to 'she'  and I still find it refreshing that these characters genders are not really lining up to what we expect...so it means you take the characters are they are, and it soon doesn't even matter if they are male of female. 


By far what I loved most about this installment is the question of what is Human, what make an entity Significant? If they can think and feel and hurt...aren't they real and alive and deserving of all the respect and rights as humans? All the ships and stations and their AIs had their own opinions, personalities, things they cherished....they were individual. So why should they be under the full and utter control of someone else?Why isn't that like slavery? Because they are not real flesh and blood? And the fact that for 3 books the reader has been rooting for and cheering for...really...a computer....one in a flesh and blood body, but a computer...makes it easy for them to grasp the ending. Of course, they should make decisions on their own? Of course they are conscious beings that deserve autonomy and freedom. It is in interesting question to think on if and when out society decides to build AIs.


I like how this was resolved...it is not really resolved...the villain is still out there and will retaliate, and there is a ton of work to do in building their new government and getting others to accept them...but it ended in a way that made you feel like these guys will make it. And cheering for them and their new Republic and government...hoping they are not crushed like the others. They might be...but they will do their best to survive, and drink lots of tea, grumble at each other and burst into tears when it gets to much until they win. I really enjoyed this adventure...and won't mind too much if we get a bit more. I'm still waiting on a bit of romance for Berq.....well as much romance as she is capable of anyway. It's not like there isn't anyone around her not willing.