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The Maiden - Jude Deveraux

My title kinda sums it up: I really don't know what to think about this book.


For a romance, it had some interesting world building and I really enjoyed the country created and the different tribes and warring factions and the culture created for each. I liked the first half of the book, the introduction of the characters and all the buildup to when they met and finally got married. It was the usual girl meets boy, girls hates boy's guts, hijinks ensue, they end up married to each other, and there are tons of misunderstandings. All the tropes I like...but...


As a romance....it left me a bit confused. I don't think that this book knew who it was: was it a romance, a fantasy, an adventure....a comedy, a drama....it was kinda all over the place. And the ending, while had closure for the romance..I guess, even that was a bit rushed....kinda left all these other plot points just hanging around, or resolved them a bit too fast for my liking...so it felt flung together. Too much was trying to be done in one book I think, since I know this book gave some history into other book and characters in the writer's other romance books, so it felt like a big information dump sometimes. And it seemed at some point,s in the plot, some secondary characters were forgotten...and then at the last minute it was like..oh yeah...they were here all along. So the plot was a bit...windy and loose.


One aspect I really had a problem with was the first love scene between the two characters....umm...I guess the author was going for the tough, aggressive male, taking charge thing...I am assuming...but to me it felt a little too reluctant on the girl's part and was borderline rape. I can assume that was not the intention...but it came across that way and made me uncomfortable, and made the later scenes lose their appeal. I could not get around the initial scenes.


It was just too much and didn't come together I think. It's hard to describe well, but it just left me with a vague feeling of : okay...huh.