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I never know to say in these things. I guess that says something about me. I read a lot, write stories, and like books. I like a good debate. Nothing else is to say. :-)

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Sigh. I need to stop starting new series book. They will end me.


I have kind of eyed this book for a while, and almost bought it several times, but one day I had a coupon and a dream...so I got it. And it was an interesting experience.


Really. A strange book. The story begins with Todd, not too far from "becoming a man" happens upon a strange happening at the local swamp. He lives in a world where, as far as he know, after a war where a biological weapon was introduced, all the women on the planet died, and all the men were cursed  with hearing each other’s thoughts 24/7. But in the swamp that day, Todd stumbles upon something that destroys everything he knows about the world he lives in, who he is, and who his neighbors are. He finds a girl. Who is supposed to be dead, and more importantly....he can't hear her thoughts at all. She is just a wall of silence.


I would say, I loved the idea and how it was demonstrated with the physical text on the page, of the curse of hearing everyone's thoughts. You can't run it off, so it is always like background music, short, sharp images that enter into your head. Always there. And you spend most of your life trying to learn how to filter it out or push it to the back. Noise is a good way to describe it. But even hearing everyone's thoughts....people can still hide secrets in the Noise. Hiding things in plain site or actively thinking of other things to mask your real thoughts. Living in that world would be hell...because no matter how much we want honesty....we really don't need nor want to know what people are really feeling about you...about themselves. Happiness comes from a lot of ignorance. We don't need to know everything.


So Todd, is forced to flee home, which was something his guardians have been plotting for some time, because apparently something happens the day he turns a man, or 13, that they wanted to avoid. So his finding the girl just bumps the escape up earlier. And Todd then spends the whole book running from the people he grew up with and not knowing what the eff is going on. He does find out however, that everything told to him about the world is a lie. He ends up running for his life with Viola being chased by the Mayor or town and his army...and a crazy preacher.


The book was full of action and mystery and good social commentary about gender, war and toxic masculinity. So if you are into all of that it is for you. It kept you into it all the way to the end....to that cliffhanger. Ugh...now I have to get the other books. My only complaint…is that I still do not fully understand, or I don't think it was explained enough, or the case made well enough as to why Todd is so important in the Mayors plans. Yes, he was the "last Boy" the youngest in Prentiss town and last to become a man....but why is he important? I don't think the case was made. All the other revelations made sense and fit...but I'm still not convinced on that point. They chased him all across the planet. Why? 


Anyway...good enough to continue the series.