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So frustrating!!

The Winner's Crime (The Winner's Trilogy) - Marie Rutkoski

Seriously, there were points where I wanted to grab several characters...and knock their heads together. Get.it.together.people!!


So many bad life decisions. So many.



So this is book 2, and in this book all of the consequences from Kestrel's decisions in book 1 hit her all at once and knocked her right to the floor. She has lost her childhood friends, the guy she loves, her family, and her freedom, in more ways than one. And it is brutal. And all of what happened make sense in the context of her world. She can't have divided loyalties in a world where blind loyalty and obedience to their leader is expected. She realized that you can't help one side, without hurting the other. You can't be in the middle, at some point you have to pick a side. Make your choice. Cause by the end of the book everyone had chosen their side, and as Kestrel realizes now....not everyone cares about your feelings or your safety. Most people look out for themselves, especially if it is a choice between your life and safety over another persons. It doesn't matter who they are...most people choose themselves. Kestrel tears herself apart trying to put everyone else's well-being above her own, and she is destroyed. This book held back no punches...she is in a bad place the end. Not looking good.


And as a reader I can't only blame her. The whole message of this book is trust. Arin and Kestral can't fully trust each other. And why would they considering how their relationship began? And because of that lack of trust, Kestrel keeps Arin in the dark about the extent she is helping him and his people, to devastating consequences. She thinks if he knows he would react emotionally, nor would he keep his mouth shut. And is she wrong? NO. He can't keep his mouth shut, and would do something crazy. He proved this many times in the book. He gets caught up in his emotions and makes foolish decisions and doesn't think about the consequences. He's reckless.  And due to that lack of trust in their relationship, Arin believes every negative thought and doubt about Kestrel whispered in his  into his head. Their relationship has no solid foundation, so he is easily swayed.


He lover her. He hates her. He wants to see her. No he doesn't want to see her. She's an angel. No she's the devil. He's sure. He's unsure. He's happy. He's sad. Please end it. He's a mess.


I don't know how the writer will make this work in the end. Unless they run off to the wilderness and become hermits.


And he can't be fully blamed either. The other people in the book, the side characters are all also making terrible decisions....that add to the problems. Hiding things. Not doing as they are told. Acting out. Throwing themselves foolishly into danger during emotional strops. It is just a mess of bad  decisions and selfishness. 


Anyway, by the end of the book all the bad decisions and lies come to its predicated conclusion, and it all falls apart. There are lots misery, tears, and people are dead or in jail. And Arin has more emotional whiplash. Now I have to wait God knows how long before I find out what happens to poor Kestrel. And that's frustrating! Because despite wanting to knock every characters head against the wall...I enjoyed this book, and read it in a couple hours. At least the writer made me care enough to want to fight the characters. Good job.