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The Bitter Kingdom - Rae Carson

I was looking through my "To Be Read" list and realized that I have four Trilogies that I read the first 2 books and have yet to read the final book in the series. Not because I lost interest...but because a  fresh new thing always comes along to distract me from them. And I always look at them in guilt and shame, vowing to finish them another day.


Well, one down!


I would say this was a solid finish to this series. I would not say it was the best one of the series, or even the second best, but everything was resolved in a manner that was satisfying, and there was no urge from me to throw the book against the wall in frustration. Which I have done in the past. I love Hector, the male love interest, and I don't say this often. There is another series I am reading where I wish the main heroine would pitch her love interest off a cliff. But in this series Hector was patient, selfless, loving, kind..and more than willing to let Elisa shine on her own even if it means he get to play second fiddle. No ego. It was refreshing. Their romance was nicely nurtured from book one till this point, and because of that..their great love did not feel like it came out of nowhere to slap you with it's existence. I also enjoyed Elisa's growth in this book, her journey finally ending when she realized what made her great all along was not her power, but herself. That she was always brilliant...she just had to see it herself and believe it. Then other follow. Kind of fake it till you make it.


Now what made me less enthused about this installment was that pretty much the whole book were the character traveling from one place to the next. Traveling over land. Traveling underground. Traveling in rain. Traveling in snow. Traveling with horses. Traveling on foot. Traveling. There were a lot of sentences about what they were eating around the fire and what their horses were doing...and that is fine..in that it kept things moving...literally. But after a while..it became tedious. I mean there was plenty of action in the form of fighting and political intrigue...but it took a minute to get there. Also, some of the political solutions, especially with the Invierno, I felt were a bit rushed and easy. To me, making pace with an enemy you have been fighting for generations with...would not happen so easily and neatly. These were my main issue.


But the series as a whole is excellent and I would recommend.


Now one to finish the next end of series book.