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The Way of Kings - Brandon Sanderson


This is my reaction...despite the fact that:


1. This book is over 1000 pages long.

2. About 75% of this book was buildup and history for the next book

3. It's part of a dreaded series.

4. This book is over 1000 pages long!




Because the world building that was displayed is amazing. I mean...you have to sit in awe at a person that can create a whole world, religion, sciences, geography, and history all in their heads and make it all work so seamlessly. Yeah ,some parts are confusing as hell, and I will have to wait till the next book to fully get it....but it is amazing what was created in the pages of these book. It's like these people and their world exists for real..somewhere.


And despite the fact that this book was basically buildup, it was actually very readable and  went by quickly. I think because the world created was so interesting and rich, and the characters were so good. They kept your interest and they made you care. The only way I am going to sit through an entire chapter with a character reading a book...is if the character in interesting to begin with and the story of why she is reading that book was interesting. The big reveals in the end were handled very well...because you got little hints dropped here and there and not many things were spread on too thick. The writer did not hit us over the head with clues. I liked that. Subtlety is always better.


My only real complaint is the usual with fantasy books written by men: The women in this book were way better represented than they usually are in fantasy, and I will give the writer kudos for that...but I still think they lack a little something. They blend in a bit too much. And part of the main females story line were bland. We need more different types of women as heroes...not all of them have to be a strong badass...they can be a frilly princess too. So..more variety. 


Overall and excellent read. and I should read the next one before I forgot half the plot  and specifics of the world....which with how dense it is...will happen by next week.