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The Dream Thieves - Maggie Stiefvater

I knew that this book would not disappoint. Ronan is lovely, messed up in the head, violent and slightly unstable....but he is a beautiful character.


I liked the matching bookends of the prologue and epilogue. One gives you the introduction into Romans secrets and a taste of what they could be, and the last finally gives us the answers. A great job was done building up Ronan's main secret, which turned out was NOT that he can pull things from his dreams. Hints were dropped from the first book and carried on through this book till the very end. If you were paying close attention, then you might not have realized what it was early, but if not, then the reveal I imagine was surprising to say the least. Like Noah and his secret in the first book. But Kavinsky and his loose mouth and exploding emotions was not being very subtle about what he knew. But by the end of the book two of Ronan’s 3 secrets are not really secrets anymore, and one is finally shared with us...and it is GREAT. I can't wait till it is explored further and how it affects Adam. Adam, who walks through life thinking he is worthless and expecting everyone to share that view.


Ronan’s mere existence, to him, goes against everything he was told was good and acceptable. From what he was told, he was something fearful, and wrong...something that destroyed his family and killed his father. So he tries to ignore it and suppress it...but that is killing him. He has basically given up on trying to be anything but what people expect: a troublemaker, a thug, angry and just all around terrible. His pointy exterior is just a mask...all his aggressive and violent traits are his thorns against the world, to protect himself from harm. It is not until he accepts everything he is and stops fearing it, that he is able to finally understand and control his power.


While we go on Ronan's journey to basically accept himself and everything that makes up who he is…Adam basically is going through a parallel journey. He is further and further isolated from the group, from his own actions, but he is so caught up in hating himself that he doesn't see that he is pushing people away. People who love him. Adam never received love...so he doesn't know how to recognize it. Poor Gansey is trying hard with him, and the more Adam misunderstand him the more that poor kid falls into depression. Adam has to also learn to accept who he is before he can master the new found power the Ley Line has given him. He needs to be comfortable with himself and his beginnings, else he will never be able to form the kind of loving relationships he needs. So he and Ronan are the most similar of the group. But Adam being blind to everything but his own suffering…is blind to it.


Now on to Kavinsky. Kavinsky. What a sad and tragic kid. He is a cautionary tale of what can happen when you have too much power...but no support system or anyone to pull you back from the brink. He has no one, so his ability to take anything he wants from dreams become the only way he knows to satisfy that hole in him. He, like Ronan's father even pulls people to love him and be his friend out of the dreams. But they are not real. It is sad.  He finally finds someone who is 100% like him...or so he thinks. He fixates on Ronan because he finally found someone real who he thinks he can be real with and accept him. But Ronan can't be like him. Kavinsky is too far gone. Ronan despite his issues, has Gansey and Adam and even Blue...people who are real and care about him, and ground him in reality. He has no reason to escape into a dream world and lose himself with Kavinsky. Of course this is the final straw for Kavinsky, because if he can't have Ronan...he seems to decide that he might as well destroy everything, himself included. The connections you make in the real world are what keep you grounded. And no matter how far gone Ronan was in his behavior...he has someone. And he can love. Kavinsky didn't have that ability.


And that seems to be the theme of these books. No matter what went on in your life, how weird you are...as long as there is someone out there who accepts you and tries to understand you and support you...you already have all you need. So hold on to it.


Now on to the next book.