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Reading This Makes Me Feel Inadequate..

The Raven Boys - Maggie Stiefvater

I read one other book by this author, The Scorpio Game, and I loved, loved, loved that book. One thing about it that struck me was the language. The way the writer arranges her words to give the reader a good picture of not only the setting, but the characters, but their emotions. I mean she is really good at setting the scene...and description. I see it a lot more in this book, and it made me depressed. Because I realize I suck at it. I should just burn all my attempts at writing, and be content reading for the rest of my life. At least I won't be frustrated.


I loved it. I loved the strange town that the characters lived in, it seems to be in our world...yet not or it gave it a mysterious feel. Like a dream. I loved the cast of characters. Blue and her family were kooky and weird, but not in an annoying, trying to hard way...they were charming. And the boys...well...talking about making characters come alive. 


Ronan. Ronan.Ronan. OMG. Ronan. I always seem to be drawn to the complicated characters (or the villains. I love a good villain). The imperfect, tortured souls and boy is he ever that...and full of secrets. Ronan was one character that literally set the pages on fire with his presence. Like he physically crawled out of the page and grabbed you demanding at you pay attention to him. His story looks to me to be the most interesting. And based on the final scene...looks like his world will be explored more. One thing I noticed while reading the book was that he was the only one we never got a point of view from...beside Noah. And the Noah mystery was explained very much to my satisfaction. But Ronan...we never know what is going on in his head the first book, or what he thinks. We just see him as others see him. And see his actions through their interpretations. I have a feeling that Ronan's head is the place to be. I look forward to it.


And mentioning Noah. The writer did a great job building up to the big secret about him. Everything was very subtle and hinted, just enough to give you an idea that something was up with him. He was strange in some way, but you were not sure how. I thought maybe he was like Blue's family...with some supernatural power. So when the big revealed happened I was just as surprised. I love being surprised. But then it all made sense. Another thing that makes me want to burn all my writing....the writer did a good job building up to that. Not a word was wasted.


And finally Gansey, Adam and Blue. Oh dear. I see nothing but heartbreak coming there. The clues have been dropped. But what I like was that this romance and "great love" is being built slowly. Sometimes I read a book and the two main characters meet on Monday, and by Friday they are talking about their great love and soul mate status. That is annoying. But in this case...by the end of the first book...these two characters have just finally reached some kind of understanding of each other. They are friends...so we have a lot more to look forward to if the main prophesy is to come true. I am also waiting for the big reveal to Gansey. Hints have been dropped there too...but Gansey being easily distracted by his big mission. I don't think he picked them up. Blue did not lie to him, but she did not tell him everything. But she told him enough I think. And with some of the other hints in the book...he should have enough information to figure it out if he sat and thought about it. For example....why did only he and Noah hear the trees speaking? No one else did. Like I mentioned…the writer doesn't waste words. Hints of what is coming are all over the book. 


Adam. Adam. Adam. He is too proud. Too damaged.  He does not think very highly of himself...so he projects that onto others. Bad things are coming there. I fear he already damaged part of his relationship with the boys. I hope he gets it together. 


I had a lot to say this time. But the verdict is...that before I even finished this first book...I went and got the second on. And Ronan in on the cover *happy dance*