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A Small Romance splurge..

After reading the first of the Maiden Lane series, one of the secondary characters stories that was introduced during the first book really got my attention, and after researching I saw that her story was going to be fully explored in book 3. Since these book are prt of a greater series and it appeared that the writer told bits of the story in each book, I decided I would read the second book as well in build up to the 3rd.




This turned out to be a good decision because the 2nd was pretty good as well, even though it did not really go into any of the sisters...though it did continue their story. The second in the series covered Lady Hero, a Duke's sister introduced in the first book. We meet her during a party where her engagement is to be announced. She leaves the party to see to a damaged gown and walk into a room...and we meet her main love interest...mid stroke....literally with another married lady. I must say...it was a bit of an unconventional "meet cute." Turns out he is her soon to be husband's brother. He keep the family in riches by running a Gin House, in St Giles, which she find out one day during one of her secret visits to the foundling home. They of course, a drawn to each other...hijinks ensue.  Etc.


Like the first book, this one had some excellent sex scenes. Yes, I stress on this, because good sex scenes are hard to come by, we must celebrate them when we get them. Also like the first this book had a bit more of a gritty feel. Usual historical romances have this kind of golden, innocent air about the world. They tend to focus on high society, which is usually cut off from a lot of realities. So I like this people in these books, do terrible things, have sex, and talk dirty. The second book was very satisfying




Now the 3rd. This book was about Silence, one of the sisters in the main family of this series. In the first we are introduced to her briefly, but it grabs you right away. Her husband gets in a bit of trouble, and she takes it upon herself to visit notorious criminal "Charming" Mickey O'Conner to plead her husband’s case. She get what she wanted, her husband avoids jail and is free, but in the process....what Mickey makes her do...destroys her marriage. This all happens in book 1. Once it is time for her main story, it is about a year later and Mickey O'Conner has taken one of the foundling children and Silence goes to face him again to get the child back, as it is apparently the child is his. He convinces her that he took the child for its own safety, but if she is concerned, she can come live with him to watch the baby. So he manipulates her to come live with him....needless to say...she never really goes back home. This one had good sex scenes too, but they occur much later in the book. More time was spent building their relationship and making you, the reader, understand why Silence ends up loving him. There is also the plot of the big bad guy, The Vicar, introduced in the second book, who is after Mickey and all he loves. They have a history that is slowly revealed in the book. I thought it was nicely handled. This book, had romance, mystery, suspense, over all it was pretty good


Also in this book, the mystery of the Ghost of St Giles...the masked vigilante running around fighting crime...and who he might be...is finally solved. Or is it? It is not who I thought it was...though it was my second choice. And it looks like he is getting his own story in book 4. And ultimately I will say ...regardless of how you feel about each individual book, what is best about it is the series arc. I like that even though each book could stand on its own, that when you read them together they become richer because of this arc that ties them all together. While telling one story, you see the buildup and of the next story and the fuller puzzle is filled out. And those teases of what is to come work for sure.


Now to decide if/when to read the next book right away...or take a break with some dragons or something.