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Well. I must say the...er..physical romance in this book was very satisfying.




In other words, they were HOT. Sometimes you read some sex scenes and you wonder if the writer trolled a dictionary looking for every flowery description they could find and threw it all on the page. And you wonder if you are reading a sex scene, or a gardening handbook. Just too much...and too...what's the word...TAME. I like my sex scenes realistic, and gritty. If you are trying to tell me these two people have an uncontrollable animal passion for each others...I better well feel it. I say this book delivered on that score.



But anyway...enough about that...


The plot. And there was one. The story starts of right in the middle of the drama. Temperance runs a home with her brother that houses and looks after destitute children. And one night coming back from picking up a new baby for the home, they come across Lord Caire leaning over a dead body. They haul tail away from the scene. But unknown to Temperance, he follows her home and to her surprise enlists her to help him find the killer of his prostitute mistress in exchange for helping her find a new Patron for their home for children. Thus begins their relationship that from the beginning sets sparks flying all around them...and their loins afire apparently. The mystery around who was killing these prostitutes I thought was kept interesting. It was a nice tasty snack to the underlying romance storyline, it added some extra, action and drama, and was ended not too predictably once the killer was revealed. 


But what I liked the most were the glimpses we got of the other characters in the world of Maiden Lane. Winter the older, long suffering brother; Silence the youngest sister and Asa the mysterious.  And of course, The Ghost of St Giles, who was like some vigilante running about saving people in St Giles in a harlequin mask and costume. I have my suspicions about who it is of course. All of these characters were very interesting and I got the distinct impression that their stories will be fleshed out in future books. I like that the threads from this first book will be continued through the next, it adds a richness to the world created, almost adds a realness to it.  


This book only lost points because I thought it kind of dropped the ball with Lord Caire's back story. Why was he the way he was, so emotionally stunted? What happened to him in his past that made touch painful to him? And are we to believe love cured him of this problem. This are not that neat. After finishing the book, I realized we never really learned what drove him, other than the need to find this killer. Something was hinted at that happened when he was young, but it was dropped. I would like to know this story. What about his father? Why does he refuse to speak of him? My hope is that, like in this book, how we got glimpse of other people’s point of view and stories...that maybe more of his is coming.


Overall. Book was worth the read and the characters and world grabbed me enough that I was almost tempted to get the next book right away.