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We need better covers as a whole for Romance and Fantasy Books

White Hot Kiss - Jennifer L. Armentrout

This is one of those book where the cover gives you one idea of what to expect...but the actual story does not really fit it. The cover kind of gives you that old romance, "white people almost kissing" by Nickolas Sparks feel. But this was actually a fantasy....with some romance, rather than a romance with some fantasy.


The world created was very interesting, and rich. A world of Heaven, Heal, Angels, demons and everything in between. And very unique. I like unique, after you read 2 or 3 paranormal romances...you kind of feel like you read them all. But after reading the story, there is tons more to explore in this world, and plenty of unanswered questions/mysteries. Will we meet the infamous Lilith? What is going on in Elijah's head and what exactly has been driving him to act like he did? It has to be more than just reject and self-hate from a mistake. And why did Abbott decide to keep a child that posed such a threat to the world? There had to be easier ways to protect the world...by like killing her. I am sure there is more to come. And of course the romance...once again a triangle (will it ever end?)...I can't say I am rooting or anyone, since my main interest was in the magic/demon parts...but I thought both relationships were built up well and I actually could relate. So I'm fine either way.


The only thing I did not really enjoy was the sprinkling here and there of modern slang "That's how we roll"..."Don't he hater"...not that I guess modern demons wouldn't use slang...but they were always a bit jarring. Like the author was trying too hard to make them "hip" and "cool" ...like your parents joining Facebook and all of sudden start talking about twerking and telling people to "talk to the hand" in a sad attempt to sound young and with it. Yeah....that part was kind of eye roll inducing.


Overall though...I enjoyed it enough that next time I am looking for something fun and quick...I would pick up the next book.