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My emotions were kind of all over the place when it came to this book. There were many things I liked:


1. The main story; I loved the premise of Alice's descendants being alive and having to go back to wonderland to fix all the things that she did wrong. It was so interesting to see the difference between how Wonderland was in "reality" and how Alice saw it, who was a child and innocent. The dark and scary elements of Wonderland would be too much for her and she would make sense of it the only way she could, that made coping easier. So the White Rabbit replaces Rabid White, etc. All the very morbid elements take on a more whimsical air to a child. I thought the entire story was very clever from the back-story of Alice's offspring, to the denizens of Wonderland in all their dark glory. I especially enjoyed the twist about Alice, and why her offspring are cursed. Something I suspected early on in the book.


2. I liked Morpheus and his dynamic with Alyssa. He is a character that is neither all light nor all dark; basically he is whatever he needs to be in order to get what he wants. I would have actually preferred if Alyssa stuck with him despite all his manipulation and secrets...because it would have been so much more interesting than this thing with Jeb. And speaking of...one aspect I did not enjoy...


3. I did not like Jeb. I found him controlling and wishy-washy. I just could not buy his reasoning for stringing Alyssa along...and that is what he was doing...for all this time and only perking up and finally showing her some real interest when he saw someone else doing it. And he really liked making decisions for her...something he accused Morpheus of....but did just as much in a more overbearing manner. I found he had too much of a white knight syndrome....always there is save his damsel....and well, Alyssa was really no damsel in need of saving as she kept proving. Bottom line...the entire relationship annoyed me and I found her choice of the glowing, childhood boy crush, who is noble and can do no wrong...boring....and played. Jeb to me is like a dream she chases. An ideal. And for the same reason, he is the one stable force in her life, her way of being "normal" and she runs away from anything that takes that from her. Understandable, but maybe I liked the idea of her exploring her dark attraction to Morpheus more. To me, that is when she would truly find herself.


Deep thoughts... way deep for this book and my current headache. But back to the review. The buildup was great; it gripped you and had to at the edge of your seat. It was dark and fun and edgy. Then when they got to Wonderland, it sometimes became a bit too much. Too much plots and details that got confusing many times, and too much twists and turns. I could not keep some of it straight. And some parts dragged, enough that I put the book down for periods of time. And of course the main romance annoyed me. So I was always at some point stuck between giggling like a school girl in joy at the cleverness, nodding off...and wanting throwing the book against the wall. Just a jumble of all kinds of emotions and....stuff...kind of like this review.