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Satisfying Ending

The Pirate's Wish - Cassandra Rose Clarke

I had to travel to LA for my job and had a 5 our flight to look forward to. I started this on the flight, and finished it before we landed. That to me was is a good testament of how readable the story ended up being.


The book began right where the other left off. Our "heroes"...though that term is debatable were stuck on a magical island with little chance of getting of on their own....and it kicks right into the gear from the start. Action upon action that kept the story line moving and interesting. It added a few more minor characters, but they were also very interesting and did feel too shoehorned in. I liked that there was a good mix of characters, it was very diverse as far as races, sex, sexual orientation you have to praise authors that work to be inclusive and diverse in their stories, and especially when there is no big deal made of the character and they are treated like full people on their own, not just props to hold up the main characters. So kudos for that. There were more parts of the world we barely glimpsed in the first work introduced, more magical realms and creatures, which I liked, and based on the reading...there is even more that could be explored. So it is a rich world and one that you really want to explore more after finishing your read.


And of course...the romance was very nicely done. It wasn't too easy, but it was not to long and drawn out either. Yeah...there were times when I wanted to smack Ananna and make her listen when Naji was trying to talk to her...but in the end she saw sense and it all worked out. It was not a happily ever after...with theses two characters that would be hard, but it was a satisfactorily ever after. And sometimes that's just how things work.


So in the end it was everything an ending of a series should be...it tied up most lose ends. Brought the main storyline to a close...and teased you a bit for more. I can't complain.