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I never know to say in these things. I guess that says something about me. I read a lot, write stories, and like books. I like a good debate. Nothing else is to say. :-)

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Stolen Songbird - Danielle L. Jensen

 I almost finished this book in one sitting, and it was only my need for sleep that prevented it. But one the second night I stayed up till 3am and finished it. This is a good testament to the action in the book. There were hardly any slow points, and the parts that were slow or build up to other scene went quickly because they provided good heft and background to the action scene. Everything was kept moving and the action nonstop, this helped make the book very readable, and keep you interested and turning the page.


It also helped that I liked both Cecile and Tristan. Both were flawed, because I rolled my eyes and felt like slapping each of them at one point in the book, which to me is good, because it at least shows that I have connected with the characters. They were annoying, but I understood where they were coming from and understood the actions taken by them, no matter how stupid I thought they were. I don't have to like every character, but I do have to feel like I can relate to them and feel like they are "real" to me. This was nicely done. Because I felt the characters were well done and I was able to relate to them pretty well...it was easy for me to buy their growing connection and eventual feelings. It did not feel out of nowhere. Show don't tell, my English teachers always used to say, and they remain right. A good job was done showing me that these two characters had grown to like, respect and even love each other. So bought it when they reached the point where they were sacrificing themselves for each other. So in all the story was well managed, the characters were good, and the love story very nice. So it got a high score from me. Why not perfect?


Mainly it was because towards the end as the plot was ratcheting up I felt like some things were just thrown in there to up the drama and danger the characters were in, and really it was not necessary. Basically, just too much going on at once, this caused some confusion, when it could have been trimmed down. It was a bit overwhelming at once. And second, when I read a book that is obviously going to be in a trilogy or series, I would like to feel like each individual book has a beginning, middle and end, and at least some questions were answered. I felt like there were too many questions not answered that have to wait for other books. I would have liked to be told a bit more. Little bits thrown in here and there without giving up too much would have helped. Since there was so much left out, which was obvious as the story, progressed, I just had a bit too much confusion. So I suppose both points have to do with pacing and when to reveal things. But really, they were minor in the long run and did not prevent me from enjoying the story or recommending it to others.