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I never know to say in these things. I guess that says something about me. I read a lot, write stories, and like books. I like a good debate. Nothing else is to say. :-)

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The Lies of Locke Lamora - Scott Lynch

This one was recommended to me by many people and many book blogs that I haunt, but one thing I have learned throughout my book reading years is that just because a bunch of people think it is brilliant...does not mean you will. Just because it is #1 on the NYT or B&N bestseller list...does not mean you will think it belongs there. Some of those books have sometimes made reading painful and that is a tragedy. But I tend to read the ones that people I trust...who read...tell me is good. It is still hit or miss. This book fell in between. It was not "good lord when will this be over," nor was it "I hope this never ends!" I twas what I will call..."okay, this book had its moments."


Overall this book was very well written and enjoyable. It had a very interesting world, that was rich and full of life. The writers did an excellent job in world building and in creating a living history for his creation. I enjoyed the various interludes that fleshed out the world and gave us a glimpse into it's rich history. The characters are all very colorful and full of personality, even the villains have some kind of appeal and likability in some way. So overall the atmosphere create by the book was great and the writing made it come alive.

Now the story itself to me was a bit of an issue. I found that the tale did not grab me from the start and keep me. The beginning I thought had too much build-up and periods where it was just to slow. It was only halfway through the book that the main plot of the story and the main action began. I would say the last hundred pages or so of the book were what kept me the most glued to the book. I enjoyed learning about Locke Lamora's childhood and his learning but I felt some of that stuff dragged and it just tended to cut into the building action of the main story. Just when you are getting into it and the action starts to buildup...the book cuts away into one of it's interludes. And while we have these interludes...I did not feel it gave me anymore insight into some of the characters...or more to the point...it did not make me feel any more connected to them. So when certain bad events happened in the book to some of the characters...while I understood the results of it..I did not feel it. I felt this book was more plot driven than characters driven...and it is plain that I enjoy the latter more.

One of the blurbs on the book says that the book was like Oceans 11 but set in a fantasy setting, and I think that this was the best description. I twas fun and had a good bit of action and fisticuffs and intrigue, but in the ended..it was just fun and enjoyable but no one thing stuck. With all that said...I did enjoy the book...just like the enjoyed Ocean's 11. I twas good fund and ended with a good feeling of satisfaction.