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The Tory Widow - Christine Blevins

This book grabbed me the first couple chapters mainly because it was in a familiar place. I grew up in NYC so I was fascinated by the familiar names and places discussed in this book. Hearing about the different battles in places like Brooklyn Heights and Flatlands and other places I grew up knowing as just names and places to pass through on the train or bus. It was nice to get a history of it and an idea of how it all began. Also the passing references to famous figures of the time like General George Washington, who was based in NYC for the majority of the book, was also a nice thrill. The story of the Revolutionary War and how it was fought, and how life was during that time was the main draw for me in this book.

Though this was in the romance section of the bookstore, the romance was secondary and not really focused on as much as you would expect. Most of the time was spent in the in and out of war and collecting intelligence, and learning about the NYC culture and people of the time. I think it would have been better placed in regular fiction. But saying that, when there was romance it was handled well and very satisfying. The main male character, Jack is not the typical male lead. Yes, he is usual lovable rouge...but he is very rough around the edged..more so that usually. He has many faults and you want to smack him a couple times. And Anne is not some innocent maiden who can't take care of her self and is chaste...though we had to wait a while...she got down to the business of lovemaking when it called for it. The book ended in an exciting fashion and in an apparent cliff hanger promising more to come in this world.

Overall it was a good read..that kept me reading for the fascinating history, and with a nice side dish of some love and romance. While I found some parts dragged a bit.