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Darkborn - Alison Sinclair

I mostly get book recommended to me by other, because I hate buying something and then hating it. But sometimes a book catches my eye, either because of the cover, or the description I read in the back. This book was mainly the cover, but I have fooled before with that, so the description helped me make the final decision to picked it up.


This book was a very interesting combination of fantasy and suspense. I tread like every thriller or mystery I have ever read except it was based in a made up fantasy world with magic and magical creatures. In this world, the Darkborn are a race of people that cannot abide the sunlight....in fact any exposure to the sun kills them horribly. Their counterparts, the Lightborn, are similarly affected by the dark. This is a result of a curse that for thousands of year both races have been trying to break...with no luck. But this story takes on an interesting turn when Bal Hearne helps give birth to a set of twins that can see...and yet are not affect by the dark. Since the Lightborn are the only sighted race this shocks him to the core. The birth of the twins drag him and his wife into a race against time, and up against powerful force that want those babies and use every method against him to get it.

His wife plays a big role in unraveling the mystery and saving not only him, but her kids and others pulled into helping their case. She had a secret of her own that if found out would affect her standing in Darkborn society. As they fall further and further into danger...they begin to realize that what ever forces they are facing is a threat not only to the Darkborn, but the Lightborn as well....and their world as they know it.

The book does a good job in building an air of suspense and mystery. The action is well placed and serves to keep you interested and turning the pages. The world itself is fascinating as is the cast of characters. The Darkborn society is vastly different than Lightborn and it is interesting how they exist side by side, yet rarely interact. In Darkborn society women are second class citizens. Their role is motherhood and basically looking pretty. In Light born Society women have the same freedoms as men. In Darkborn society magic is scorned and feared, compared to Lightborn society where it is harnessed and regulated. All in all it makes for a interesting world and one I am looking forward to exploring in later books.