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I never know to say in these things. I guess that says something about me. I read a lot, write stories, and like books. I like a good debate. Nothing else is to say. :-)

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Teens have it great these days

The Summoning - Kelley Armstrong

One thing I have noticed since I started back up on my reading is that Teens have a lot more choices when it comes to books than I did at their age. Harry Potter, Vampire book crazes, great Teen romance books...I mean they have it good. After I read through all the Judy Blume and Sweet Valley High...there was not much left for me but to go straight to adult books. These days...there are many options. It is beautiful. But being well past my youth does not stop me from enjoying these books. The latest in my YA reading is:

The Summoning (The Darkest Powers Series #1)
By Kelly Armstrong


Another series. This is also another trend in YA fiction...everything requires at least a 3 book commitment. Some series I start and enjoy, but not enough that I feel the urge to run out and get the next book. This series though...I will continue because it was without doubt very good.

From the first words you are pulled into the book and you get a feel of it: A mix of thriller/suspense and fantasy. You also feel the air of menace and mystery that surrounds everything that goes on around Chloe. One morning Chloe wakes up and strange things start to happen, she sees people others don't seem to and she hears things...she thinks it is all in her mind and logic's it away until she goes to the bathroom at her school and noticed she has gotten her period. At fifteen, but looking like twelve year old, she was already worried about her development, and she is happy that she finally got her period. But not too long after that, happiness turns to fear as she suffers what she thinks is a breakdown: a horribly burned man accosts her in the school hallways...one that she can put her hands right through. She freaks out and has to be sedated at her school. After the incident she is transferred to group home for 'troubled' kids where she is to spend two weeks getting better. But once she gets there ..she begins to question what they tell her and what she see. The kids there all appear to be there for "mental issues"..but she begins to question that after witnessing an event with another teen that can't be explained away by mental illness, and from the questions raised by a Ghost that talks to her in the basement.

What follows is Chloe trying to figure out what is going on, and how it involves two of her fellow hospital resident Derek and Simon..who are there under mysterious circumstances. I loved these two characters and how they are used...mainly because you expect them both to be so different than what they really are. Chloe thinks she has Derek all figured out, but she find he is more than she thought and that she should never judge a book by it's cover. The writer does a great job building the relationships between the various kids, and hinting at future issues, but her best job was in building upon and continuing to thread the mystery that is lurking around the corner. You see right away that something is not right, but the story does not become too predictable. You have a few surprises here and there. The only complaint was that when we finally found out some of the mystery..it ended...in a cliffhanger. ARG! But I as not too upset...it was a good ride getting there and I look forward to see how Chloe will get out of her current mess in the next book. Oh and Derek..I do like them broody.