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Took a Dark Turn...

Faefever - Karen Marie Moning

Wow, things just got real in this series. The ending took Mac, our main heroine into a dark place, and it is hard to see how she will be coming out of this one. It is a sign that I am invested now..because I'm mad at all the other characters on her behalf.

Mac has finally figured out one of the secrets of the Sinsar Dubh, how it is moving about and it just makes her more convinced that she is in over her head. Barrons remain a mystery and he still refuses to tell her anything more than he thinks she needs to know. But hints about who and what he is are dropped often, the author is doing a good job keep his story and his motive well hidden. His reveal I can see will be epic. V'lane the Seelie Prince is not any better, though a bit more up front with his motives, than Barrons; and the people that could be a help to her, other side-seers, are playing an adversarial role towards her, rather than helping her. Even the one guy she thought was semi-normal turns out to be connected to all the new craziness in her life.

If there is one thing this installment of this series points out clearly, it is that because every faction that seems to be aiming for the same goal, distrusts the other and is all out for themselves and no one else....the world is doomed. Neither shares info with the other, and they all keep info from Mac...which makes me very mad because of what happens to her at the end of this book. She stood no chance. Not that she is any better with sharing info...but because she does not know who to trust...I understand her motives. It's all very frustrating.

But..I am looking forward to the next installment, which came out last week, because now I have to see how this goes and I'm rooting for Mac even more now. This series get better each book, and I can't say that about every series. It is gritty, sexy, and despite the frustrating characters..you still like them.