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This being the 3rd and final installment of this series there were definitely things that I was hoping to happen and expecting to happen. And all in all I got most of what I wanted.

 1. Chloe and Derek. I am very happy with these turn of events. While I love Simon and think he is a very nice, I was drawn to Derek from the start and become very invested in the outcome of his relationship with Chloe. I always did love the lost puppies...and Derek fir that description perfectly. I liked that this relationship was built slowly and allowed to develop over time and experiences. A lot of time in YA book, there is this big romance that drives the story, but it feels so slapped together to me. The two people meet, and it is a love that neither has ever felt before and they must be together by like the second chapter. I like the slow buildup...so when you do finally get the couple together...the reader gets it: Gets the attraction; the love; and why these tow are together and not with other people.  I've said before...I like to be shown the relationship between people, not just told. From the first book...I was shown the development between them and was just waiting on the official acknowledgement.

2. Some closure on the Edison Group and their experiments. I was happy with most of how this plot was handled. We got most of our questioned answered about what the Edison group was about and Chloe and her friends got to exact some serious revenge. All in all I was satisfied with the group’s fate. BUT there were still many unanswered questions; still some secondary and third plotlines that were left kind of hanging, and even some new mysteries presented. This series being a trilogy and this being the last book...I was a bit perturbed by that. But I do see that Ms. Armstrong is writing another YA series, and these hints and question might be something that will not be answered by Chloe's story but by someone else’s. Perhaps we have not seen the last of these characters? Could be promising.

But all in all I was very pleased with this series and happy with how it all ended.