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I never know to say in these things. I guess that says something about me. I read a lot, write stories, and like books. I like a good debate. Nothing else is to say. :-)

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A Brother's Price - Wen Spencer

This book excelled in world creation. It was so interesting to read about a world where there are very little men born and due to this women run everything and men are the most valuable thing a family can possess. It turned the world we know upside down, and it was so interesting to see a world where men were the ones who were protected and hidden, and coddled, and who must remain pure...because their biggest value is when they are traded or sold to another family in place of money or land.When the men marry into another family...they are husband to all the sisters in that family and their duty is to provide children. A breeding stud mainly. These are the lucky ones. Some who have no option or value or a ruined...end up in "cribs" where they sell their services for whomever shows up that night. Women with no husbands, due to finances or bad luck...go there in desperate hopes of getting pregnant and furthering her family. And the horror of that type of life is the same for male or female. All of the details and how this world would function...were very realistically drawn. It was fascinating. The only reason why this book did not score higher was because while the world was believable, I did not buy the main love story. I found that I had no connection to that part of the story because I found it too easy and clean. It told me that Jerin loved Ren, it told me he loved all her other sisters...but I did not really feel it. I did not buy it. He falls in love with the first woman that seduces him, after like one day, and then of course he meets her sister and he can't help but love them too. So his marriage to all of them will be blissful and without problems. And Jerin himself I found too much of a ...to use a common phrase...Mary Sue. Smart, beautiful, kind, loving..everyone loves him and falls in love with him...the perfect person that nothing ever goes wrong and it all always magically works out. I just could not really buy it. So loved the world. Not so much the story.