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I never know to say in these things. I guess that says something about me. I read a lot, write stories, and like books. I like a good debate. Nothing else is to say. :-)

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This tale was a lot simpler and I found not as dark as the previous series of this author. The last series and world created was so much denser and richer, and as someone who loves world building and mythology and religion..I really enjoyed it. While that series explored worship from the point of view of the Gods...the Dreamblood series..now looks from the view of the worshipers. But it being simpler does not mean it wasn't just as good. The world created in this series is based on the geography, history and culture of Ancient Egypt a period I love to read about and I think a good job was done in using those traditions to build the new world created within the books. The world was pretty well realized and the religion and magic made sense, and that is not always the case. Even the weakness the magic and it's use created worked well, because in anything there would be a good and a bad side. Magic I think makes more sense, when there is some sacrifice from the user, and not some device that is used to make everything better and tie together in a nice bow.I liked that it had a price and it could be terrible. The motivations of the antagonist and what drove him to start his horrible journey...while terrible...was also understandable. Nothing is worse than evil that thinks his evil is for the betterment of man. Everyone is a hero in their own mind, justifies their actions by convincing themselves, all evil they do is for a good cause. Everyone thinks their actions and their beliefs are the "correct and moral" one. But from the outside you could be someone else's "evil" someone's monster. I thought this was the theme...from the Kisua looking at the Gujaareh and only seeing horror and vice versa. Overall..I enjoyed the exploration of religion and worship and how it can lead to both good and evil. Intention might be good....but actions tell the truth. At least that is how I read it. My only complaint was that I found the characters kind of flat in some ways. I tend to like more character driven stories and found this was more plot than character. If that makes sense