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False Colors: An M/M Romance

False Colors - Alex Beecroft

Barnes and Noble did a feature on their internal newsletter about a new publishing house that will be putting out m/m romance novels. Of course, I could not resist reading one.


Now obviously, with this cover, this book is only for the brave to read in public. But then that is a hazard of most romance novels: they advertise what they are about fully on the cover.

But minus all of that...I enjoyed this book a lot. It is a typical romance plot. Boy meets boy. Boy is confused, intrigued by boy, boy and boy fight because they are both pigheaded and dumb and don't know how to communicate. Then the spend the entire book, loving and hating each other at the time time..until the end when..finally! They kiss and do a bit more. So it may be two men...but the basics of romance books stay the same. One thing that was different was the struggle both men had with the sexuality and what it meant in the time they grew up in. In this period of time, being homosexual meant death...literally. So the writer did not shy away from the self--hatred, denial and conflict these men grappled with. This was viewed as a sickness, a disease to be cured and gay people the worst kind of people. So the love these two men shared was the ultimate of forbidden love. I felt like these issues were dealt with carefully and honestly and it added depth to this romance.

I liked both characters...even when they were being dumb and frustrating me. My only complaint would be that while the ending was satisfying and open-ending given what they would have to deal with from then one...I found it a bit rushed. I would have liked to linger about it some more. But all in all a good read...that made you think.