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Mini Review:


This is the second book in the Starbound Series, the first which I read many years ago. It is linked to the first book in that it basically continues the story line of the mysterious Whispers and Leroux industries shady dealings with them. Lilac and Tarver from the first book also make and appearance and play a big role in the action. By the end of this book, more and more people in the galaxy are becoming aware of Lilac's father and the true nature of his organization and his ambitions, and the stakes with the Whispers are becoming higher. 


I don't want to give away spoilers....so I'll leave it at that, but both books follow a similar theme. They both have a Romeo and Juliet type romance. Two people from different walks of life, that are opposed to each other in some way...being forced together and having to work together despite all odds. This second book fits this theme, more than the first. Flynn and Jubilee are as opposite as they can be. Flynn the leader of a rebel group on the planet Avon, and Jubilee a soldier of the occupying force sent to the planet to keep the locals calm and fight the rebels. They hate each other just on principle. The night they meet Flynn goes to a local bar on the Base in order to find information on a mysterious complex he came across on the planet. One his people know nothing about, and he suspect the army might. He suspects it has something to do with the climate instability and other issues his planet has faced over the years that is preventing them from being added to the galactic counsel and into the developed world. That final step finally allowing his plant to get all the resources and support they need to survive. He happens upon Jubilee, an infamous Captain known and feared by all Rebels, and ends up kidnapping her for information....and it all goes downhill for the both of them from there.


But this was a good look at how conflict and war continues. Two groups get entrenched in fighting each other, and so set in their view of each other, that anyone who is up to no good...could use their hatred and distrust for each other to manipulate them however they want. Divide and conquer. Let the people spend all their time fighting each other, that they don’t see the real enemy. The mutual enemy. Flynn and Jubilee see who the enemy is, and they spend the rest of the book trying to convince everyone else to lay down their weapons and see it too.


This is a great SciFi series. Not heavy sci fi light enough for anyone to read, but still full of actions and tension...and of course and nice love story in the middle.