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A Promise of Fire - Amanda Bouchet

I finished this yesterday, and after thinking about it all day...I am still not sure whether I like this book or not. I'm confused.


Even while reading the book...I was not sure either. I would have spurts of enjoyment. Some parts of it clicked....some didn't...but they never clicked at the right moments or for long...because I just did not get into the groove of this book.


The only way I can describe it...is that the book was too...busy. Like the writer decided to throw everything they could think of into one book. When I thought the plot was going one way...all of a sudden it went another way, then did a circle and came back again. The main heroine has a lot of secrets, a bit too much secrets. One secret seems obvious and when it seems to be coming to a close...and then another one pops up. She is a secret princess AND she is the chosen one AND the Oracle predicated she would destroy the world AND her magic is super special and unique. And I'm just like..okay wait...slow down...lets pick one and expand on that.


The romantic plot I liked and had some great build up. That was when I liked the two main characters the most. They were witty and fun and pretty hot. To me that should have been a main driving point, all the other plot points just confused things. And the ending..of course it's a cliff hanger and one that ends the story kinda abruptly, so you are left feeling like you read a whole book and nothing was moved forward or really happened ...except the romance. Again, that was the best part. You have no real answers.


To me, as this looks like it will be a series...you got to give some answers each book. Move some of the story along..or you feel like you reading filler for 3 books. And that's what some of the scenes felt like...they did not really drive the story forward...they were just filler. Like..hmm..lets throw in a big fight scene here...yeah...that will be cool. Omg..let's have a jealous ex stab her! Genius. And I'm just like..huh? What does this have to do with the main plot?


Anyway...yeah...I didn't hate it. But didn't love it. I'm just kinds confused. Of course I know many folks who loved it...so once again to each their own.