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This series really grabbed you and wouldn't let go

The Winner's Kiss (The Winner's Trilogy) - Marie Rutkoski

I had a few issues with this final installment of this series, mainly that for the majority of the book it is centered around battles and military strategy, and plotting...and that could sometimes drag a bit. So my mind wandered on occasion.  But one thing that didn't change from the first book to this third, is that the author made you care so much about these characters.


The first hundred or so pages, when things were so perilous and dark for both Kestrel and Arin...I felt sick to my gut. Like, my chest was tight with worry and stress, and just hoping that they made it through and found each other again. I cared so much. There was like a stone in my chest....and that is how it has been for all 3 books. They make you care about these characters like you are right there in the thick of it with them. When they are depressed, you are depressed. When they are frustrated, you too want to bang your head in frustration. And, when you write a book, I would think that is what you want from you readers. So this series is very successful. 


It took a regular Romeo and Juliet/star-crossed lovers tale, and all the soap opera like drama, and it did not make you want to roll your eyes at the endless misunderstandings and drama keeping them apart....because those dramas made sense based on their situation. Those misunderstandings were understandable based on who these two people were and their position in their world. So everything worked very well,and even when the characters messed up....it was easy to forgive. And the fact that it still did not end all in a pretty bow with everyone magically healed...also made sense.


Overall I REALLY enjoyed this trilogy. It pulls you right into this world and these characters and doesn't let go easily.