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Written in Red - Anne Bishop

I picked this book up as an in between. To break my reading blues. The description kind of drew me in, and the current book I was  reading was falling a bit flat. So I figured it would be a fun break to break me out of my reading humdrums. And it did work. This was an easy and fun read. Felt like a paranormal romance novel...but not quite.


I loved the world created in this book, and if i  look at it objectively...this first book in what appears to be a long series, was basically setup of the world and characters. The majority of the book was introducing the characters, their history and motivations, and the makeup of their world: Political,social, etc. Most of the big action did not take place till towards the end. So I could say it is a good sign if 300 pages of buildup didn't bother me. Basically this is about human and Others, even if it only in a small section of the world, learning to understand each other and live together. The Other's having to see Humans as more than meat, and Human seeing the Others and more than monsters. And Meg, by fate, finds herself living with the Others caring for them and slowly being cared for by them....and through her...this understanding slowly comes. There is a hint of romance....but nothing really in this book. It looks like it will be a slow burn through the next book, and that makes sense based on the world the reader is introduced. Trust has to be built first, before love can come. I look forward to it.


My very non-spoiler laden review.