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I never know to say in these things. I guess that says something about me. I read a lot, write stories, and like books. I like a good debate. Nothing else is to say. :-)

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Life is getting in my way of my reading

So my job is a mess. My co-worker got laid off...so I have gone from managing 4 accounts to....14....within 3 weeks. Needless to say, I don't have time to do much of anything but eat, sleep and work. But...I do still get a bit of reading done here and there...and I take advantage of that time and binge read. It helps my sanity.  Don't have time for long reviews....but...a quick write up.



Queen of Shadows: 4 Stars


I loved that this book had a lot of movement. All the different story threads are finally converging, and you can see where the endgame is headed. The last installment in the series, you could see was a bridge book, setting things up for the future. A lot happened, but things were still building. Now, we are set to go. Each character has grown into themselves, their roles and their powers, and we can now focus on getting this main bad guy taken care of. My only issue...the romances. All the ships the first 3 books that were built up and pushed till now...all died. Which is okay as I wasn't that invested, if some of it wasn't a bit too jarring, and the new relationships feelings kinda thrown together. And I did not like the new relationships.  One thing I liked about the last book was that there was male/female relationships that were intense and close and very intimate....without there being any romance. I liked that. It's a change from the usual. But now there is romance there, and I can't help feel a bit disappointed. 



Leviathan: 3 stars


Now, this book was interesting. And weird. And that is always good in my opinion. It is an alternate history, steampunk fantasy adventure. It is basically telling an alternate version of the lead up to and fighting of WWI, with some additions like mechanical war machines and flying wale ships. Literally. In this world, there are two types of people: Clankers...who invent all kinds of machines for fighting and life, and Darwinist, who manipulate the DNA of animals to create new and fantastic beasts for the same purposes. It is very very weird and interesting. The book also had incredible illustrations of these creatures and machines that help draw you into this world.  I loved the world building and the story line, it took a lot of imagination. Issues? The entire first book was like buildup. The two story lines took a long time coming together, and when they characters finally met, the book was almost over, and then it ended. So it felt like along buildup, and then an abrupt end. I mean, there was lot of action in between, but it was basically just backstory, till the two main characters met.  I am okay with series books and cliffhangers...but I like to feel like each book stands on it's own thread wise /story wise.