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Empire Ascendant: Worldbreaker Saga #2 (The Worldbreaker Saga) - Kameron Hurley

The ending of this book came to me as a surprise.....mainly because I had hoped it would keep going. Dammit! Now I have to wait god knows how long to get the conclusion of this story! 


This is book 2 in the Worldbreaker Saga and let me say....it kept you interested. There was action after action. Twist after twist, but none of it was too much, like , they made sense and didn't feel like they came out of nowhere. This world and it's magic and makeup is so interesting and different...and that is the main draw to me. You get tired of those same old fantasy book, set in standard old European setting and everyone is white, male and straight, and all the women are bar wenches or busty priestesses.This series has all genders, races, sexual orientations..lion, tigers,bears, and living and breathing plants. And lots and lots of ass-kicking ladies: good women, morally grey women, straight evil women...women everywhere of every type...almost like we are real, diverse people. And..amazingly...it all works. 


By the end of this book, the barriers between the mirror worlds is pretty much paper thin and several worlds have already begin crossing over into each other's universes, and one has pretty much crossed over, and by all signs has taken over. But while the main two worlds are fighting each other...there are other worlds and players plotting in the background and laying the groundwork to take it all for themselves. The added component of no one being able to cross over, unless their double on the other side is dead, just makes the drama more intense. Just imagine having to fight your sister's twin or your mother from another world. The conflict it causes. One world is dying and crossing over is the only way to save themselves...but that means killing an entire wold of basically...yourselves. It is amazing to me that the writer can keep all these plots together and make them make sense.


I don't want to say too much, because then it would be one big spoiler, but there were several deaths of main characters...and I'm pretty okay with most of them as their deaths were "good"  but one of them..man....I am hoping and praying they come back from the dead or something, because how they died was foul! I'm calling foul! But even if they don't comeback, their death still demonstrated that sometimes you can be good, and do everything with the best of intentions...but you don't win. But...even in your failure...you still moved the world closer to where you wanted it. This seemed to be one theme in this book...that everything that happen to you, good, bad, traumatic...that it was your fate, and your fate is tied into a bigger pattern at play. So nothing is without a purpose...even your death.


This is a very good serious. Dense and confusing sometimes, because there are so many characters and the world building is so intricate....but worth the time.