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I never know to say in these things. I guess that says something about me. I read a lot, write stories, and like books. I like a good debate. Nothing else is to say. :-)

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I am so tired that I am sleeping while writing this, but I like to dot down my thoughts on book right after I finish them else it disappears from my mind. I am old now, and my brain is full of my job...which is spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations and numbers.


So getting this out of the way.


What I liked most about this book, was the world building. I have read a lot of vampire books, and watched many vampire shows, so I have seen lots of different takes on it, and this one was pretty unique. Vampirism as a virus, is interesting and give it a new angle. It is not as sexy when you know that this person will basically slowly rot, literally, and lose control of themselves and their free will at some point as has to be put down. It gives it a more tragic kind of edge. It does give the story and characters, an edge of desperation. It makes sense that vampires in that world would have power...because the virus gives them so much ability and advantage...until they fall to the Fade and lose themselves. It also makes sense that there would be a need to limit and control who is infected with this virus. Especially if that person would turn into some out of control, super strong blood sucking fiend on a rampage of death. Also enjoyed the side story of the search for the cure, and vaccinations. Yeah...I get my jollies from science.


So yeah, many of the elements of the world made sense. There are still some questions. I am still a bit confused about the metal jackets and Nighthawks, who are apparently infected as well to some extent, but from what I see there are some more book in this world and they might elaborate more. Also about the Prince Consort and more about the politics of not only Britain, but it's neighbors as well. But I liked that it was different. A steam punk, vampire tale. With some romance splashed in there.


I would say the romance part was standard fare. Innocent, firebrand meets dangerous vampire street lord, she is desperate and entries into a contract with him. They fight each other. They fight their feelings. They smolder, the fall into bed and in love. So you hit all the good buttons there. Overall satisfying.